Welcome to our all new Crepe Creation Café of Myrtle Beach in the beautiful Market Common . We have expanded our location to add additional seating, a full service bar and a great new menu. We have added a variety of steak , salmon, and french entree dishes. Check out our new menu  on the menu tab. Our love for Crepes and all their possibilities is the reason why we have opened our cafe but now we have extended that love to a varitety of additional dishes. We strive to provide you with the “Classic Crepes” while also featuring extraordinary sweet & savory delights. We are here to share our love of Crepes with you.

The reason that you came to Crepe Creation Café is for the unique experience you will not get anywhere else combined with the fresh taste and healthy ingredients from our savory Asparagus Crepe to our delightful desserts like the BlueBerry Farm or Lemon Zest. Start your day or enjoy with a dessert our Swedish roasted Gevalia Café and Espresso drinks. Our selections of wine and beer (Market Common Only) pair very well with all of our delicious crepes and soups. The crepes you are about to enjoy start with a house recipe made from scratch every morning combined with the best and freshest ingredients. Every crepe is prepared Just for You so the wait may be a little longer.


The History of Crepes

French Crepes are actually something that was celebrated every 2nd of February. It was a day where every French home would make a good dozen of lovely Crepes to eat together. It was believed to be for the return of the light (spring is coming and no more long winter nights ahead) and it was called “La Chandeleur.”

The Crepes were the pride of the Brittanny region (Bretagne) in the North West of France, where they make them extremely big and paper thin. They usually eat them with a bit of sugar spread on the top. It was then rolled like a big “cigar” or eaten while drinking some bubbly apple cider of the same region.

Savored for centuries, Crepes are celebrating a revival today, with Creperies opening throughout the world.

What is a Crepe

Most cultures all over the world make Crepes in one form or another. There is the Italian Crespella, French Crepe, Chinese Mandarin Pancake, Mexican Tortilla, Indian Dosa and the Russian Blinchki. In France, the Crepe used to be called Pannequet, from which the word pancake is probably derived. A very thin Pannequet resembles the wrinkled, fragile looking fabric, which we know as Crepe – hence its name.

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